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Research On The Informatics Model Of Population Genetic Variation

Posted on:2003-01-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:M C GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1100360065456664Subject:Animal breeding and genetics and breeding
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A systematic research for the foundation and the mathematics model of the population genetic, the index system of genetic diversity, the information theory and it's applied in the genetic science, and the analysis method of DNA data have a importance effect for animal molecular population genetics. But the population genetic that based on the statistic model can't explain the entropy change disciplinarian in the process of evolution, and the genetic diversity index system not enough prefect. So must use information theory method depict and abundant the genetic diversity index system .In addition to, the introduce of molecule biology technology and the research of nucleotide sequence evolutive give a new method for population genetic, so must do deeply research about the analysis method of DNA sequence data= The research main about the follows:There are three parts about the information model of population genetic: one about the Shannon information entropy property of equilibrium population and the entropy change in the process of establish equilibrium ;another research is about the diversity measure-ment of genetic variation; lastly, research the Shannon information measurement about the disequilibrium gene variation.The result is:1 To a definite gene distribution, the genotype entropy reach the maximum at the equilibrium population, the process of population from disequilibrium to equilibrium, the entropy get large and large.The maximum entropy principle were used to follow population:(1) Mutiallel populationIn all population that have the given gene distribution, the equilibrium population entropy reach it's maximum, the maximum entropy more than 0, and less than 2\nk(k is the number of the allel), and maximum entropy equal two times of the same locus gene entropy.(2) Two pair of allel populationTo two pair allel population,, every locus's entropy and population entropy were set up. Used the most information entropy principle prove the follow statement: when the population get equilibrium, the genotype information entropy and gametal information reach the maximum, gametal information entropy is the sum of every locis information entropy, genotype information entropy is equals two times of gametal information entropy. The gene relative information entropy diversity, by computer simulation, establish the linear connection between gene relative information entropy and gene diversity, detemined coefficient is 0.9929.(3 ) inbreeding populationTo the population that the inbreeding coefficient is F, the population information entropy is a increase function when reach equilibrium in random matting system, that is when fix the F , the population have the largest information entropy ; population information entropy large or equal to the gene distribution entropy, less or equal the two time of gene distribution entropy. Given a new concept-gametal inbreeding relation coefficient, and proved it is a increase function by inbreeding coefficient F, it's reflect the relating degree from the aspect of informatics. (4) sex-linkage populationUsed the most information principle prove the follow result: the sum of female and male information entropy less than three times of population gene information entropy, it is equal when population is reach equilibrium, and achieve the largest, from disequilibrium state to equilibrium, the entropy is swing but increase.2 The research of diversity measurementAccording to the general law of Lewontin's diversity measurement, the diversity measurement for the mutiallel population were research. Proved that the follow diversity measurement are convex function rely the frequency of allel; When one of the allel frequency equal l.all of these equal 0; When all the frequency equal, reach the maximum; these are increase by the number of allel .these diversity measurement are: Heterozygosity-H (or gene diversity-D ), gene distribution entropy- S(A) ,the relative gene distribution entropy-S'(A) equilibrium population information entropy-S(.42) equilibrium populatio...
Keywords/Search Tags:genetic variation, information entropy, equilibrium population, diversity measurement, sequence analysis
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