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Keyword [Multi-tenant]
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41. Research On Key Technology Of SaaS-Oriented Comprehensive Monitoring For IT Resources
42. Multi-tenant Memory Management For Cloud Data Storage Based On Chunk Folding
43. Research And Implementation Of An E-procurement Platform Based On The SaaS Model
44. Multi-tenant Resource Scheduling Method Based On The Quality Of Service
45. Design And Implementation Of On-line OA System Based On SaaS Model
46. Design And Implementation Of Multi-tenant Wire Loss Management System In Power Supply Enterprise
47. The Deployment And Application Of OSS/BSS/ITSM Based On Multi-tenant
48. The Research And Application Of The Software-as-a-Service Model
49. Research On Multi-tenant Oriented Business Model Management Platform
50. Research On Organization Model Driven Access Control Integration And Application
51. Research On Consistency Of Multi-Tenant Database
52. A User Experience-Based Process Resources Sharing Management Mechanism In The Cloud
53. Research On Multi-Tenant Access Control For SAAS Applications
54. Research On Schema Mapping Mechanism Optimization Technique In Multi-Tenant Database For SAAS Application
55. Method For Multi-Tenant Saas Application Construction And Deployment
56. Design And Realization Of Optimized Query Strategy About Multi-Tenant Saas Based Application
57. Research Of Multi-Tenant Technology And Resource Managemnt In Cloud Computing
58. Design And Realization Of Saas-Based Workflow Management System
59. Multi-Tenant Mode Applied Research In Primary Health Care Institutions Information System
60. Research On Multi-tenant Data Management Model Based On XML Schema
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