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Keyword [Multi-tenant]
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181. Research On Cost-effective Monitoring Strategy For Multi-tenant Service-based Systems
182. Research On Shared Storage Technology For SaaS Multi-Tenant Data Isolation
183. Design And Implementation Of Multi-tenant Information Management System Based On Eucalyptus
184. Research On Hybrid Heterogeneous Multi-Tenant Slicing Management For 5G Transport Networks
185. Design And Implementation Of Telecom Billing System Based On SAAS Mode
186. Design And Implementation Of Home-School Collaboration Platform In The Cloud-Based
187. Optimization Processing Techniques For Multi-tenant Query Workload In Data Market
188. Design And Implementation Of Property Agent Office System Based On SaaS
189. Research And Implementation Of Multi-tenant Network Isolation In Cloud Environment
190. Multi-Tenant Network Function Management System And Enhanced Technology Research
191. The Design And Implementation Of A Multi-Tenant Remote Virtual Smartphone Platform
192. Design And Implementation Of Big Data Resource Sharing Platform Based On Spark
193. Design And Development Of SPOC Teaching Platform Based On Community Cloud
194. Research And Implementation Of Cloud Data Management Model In Mult-tenant Mode
195. Netty-Based Multi-Tenant Enterprise Instant Messaging System Design And Implementation
196. Research On Key Technologies Of User Behavior And Information Monitoring Service SaaS Cloud Platform
197. Design And Implementation Of Multi-tenant Urban Population Housing Management System Based On Microservice
198. Research And Implementation Of Key Technologies In Multi-tenants SaaS Application
199. Formulating Cost-Effective Tolerance Strategies For Multi-tenant Service-Based System
200. Design And Implementation Of Cloud Classroom Teaching Backend Service
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