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Keyword [Multi-tenant]
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21. Research And Implement Of SaaS Application's Construct Methods
22. Research On Multi-Tenant Data Storage Mechanism Based On Universal Table In SaaS
23. Study Of Multilevel Customization Model For Tenants Based On SaaS Applications
24. The Research On The Report Model For The Multi-tenant SaaS Software
25. Research On Dependency Aware Construction Method Of Multi-Tenant Application
26. Research On Data Encryption Mechanism For Multi-Tenant Data Privacy Protection
27. Study On Key Techniques Of Personalized Tenant Customization In The Interaction Based Multi-Tenant SaaS
28. Load Balancing Approach For Multi-tenant SaaS Application
29. Research On Multi-tenant SaaS Service Customization And Deployment Method Based On MapReduce Ant Colony Optimization
30. Analysis And Design Of China Unicom’s Broadband Business Platform
31. The Design Of Isolation Controller For Population Information Bansed On Multi-Tenant Of Cloud Computing
32. Research On Saas-based Enterprise Declaration Management System
33. Research On Customizable Model Based On SaaS Architecture
34. Schema-Mapping Techniques On Multi-Tenant Databases For Software As A Service
35. Study On Multi-Tenant Data Storage And Data Migration On Basic-Table Combined With Extension-Table Schema
36. Design And Research Of SAAS-Based Database Archi Tecture
37. Research On Key Technology In Multi-Tenant Workflow System
38. Research On Hypergraph-Based Component Model For Multi-Tenant SAAS Applications
39. Research On Multi-Tenant Data Index Of Saas Application Delivery Platform
40. Research On The Approach To Placement Of Tenants For Service Based Multi-Tenant SAAS Application
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