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1. The First Principles Investigation Of Doped AlN And Growth Of Bulk AlN Single Crystal
2. Synthesis Of Transition-element-doped Zinc-based Semiconductor Nanomaterials And Effects Of Doping Behavior On Their Magnetic/Optical Properties
3. The Effect Mechanism Of Optical Properties Of Printed Circuit Board On Its Automatic Visual Inspection System
4. Investigation On The Modulation Technology Of Electrical And Optical Properties Of ZnO Thin Films
5. Electronic Structure Of Ⅲ-Ⅴ Narrow Gap Antimonide And Dilute-bismuth Semiconductors Studied By Infrared Modulation Spectroscopy
6. Silicon-based Nanometer Optical Waveguide Cavity Nonlinear Optical Properties And Control
7. Investigation Of Optical Properties On Ridge Waveguides In Crystals Produced By Energetic Ion Beam Irradiation
8. Preparation Of One Dimensional Microstructure Waveguides And Their Optical Properties
9. Study On The Structural And Optical Properties Of TiO2 And Multiple Oxide For UV Detectors
10. Study Of Relation Between Microstructure And Optical Properties Of Low-dimension Semiconductor Materials (InGaN Quantum Well,InAs Quantum Dot)
11. Study On Synthesis And Optical Properties Of Semiconductor Nanomaterials
12. Surface Modification, Self-Assembly And Optical Properties Of ZnO Nano-Crystals
13. Theoretical And Simulated Study On The Radiation Characteristic Of Random Lasers
14. Study On Transparent And Conductive Cdln2O4 Thin Films And Measurement Of High-Speed Photodetector Frequency Response
15. Optical Properties Of Low-dimension Semiconductor Driven By A Terahertz Field
16. Performance Study Of Nd:LuVO4 And BaWO4 Functional Crystal
17. Study On Polarization And Magneto-Optical Properties In Conventional Optical Fibers And Photonic Crystal Fibers
18. Research On The Optical Properties Of Photonic Crystals Used Right-hand And Left-handed Materials
19. Theoretical Studies Of Optical Properties And Applications For Asymmetric Coupled Quantum Well Structures
20. Optical Properties Of Low-dimensional Quantum Structures In THz Range
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