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21. First-Principles Investigation On Characteristics Of Doped-ZnO
22. Simulation Of Optical Properties And Optimal Designing Of Photonic Crystal Fibers
23. Theoretical Study On The Emission Of Random Lasing In Disordered Media
24. Pulsed Laser Deposition Of TiO2-based Composite Films And Optical Properties
25. The Study On The Polarization Property Of Light-waves In Two-dimensional Random Media
26. The Theory Study On Optical Properties And Modulating Of Lasing In Random Media
27. Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Hybrid Materials And Nanostructure Induced By Femtosecond Laser
28. Structural And Optical Properties Of ZnO/ZnMgO Multi-quantum Wells Grown By PLD
29. Growth And Characterization Of InAsSb Infrared Photoelectronic Film And Unit Device
30. Investigation On The Optical Properties Of Nano-waveguides
31. Interfacial Structure And Optical Properties Of Strained Inas/InxGa1-x Sb Superlattice
32. Study On The Preparation And Properties Of Transition Element-Doped ZnO Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor
33. Studies On Optical Properties Of Fiber Gratings And Splice Losses Of Photonic Crystal Fibers
34. Preparation And Optical Properties Of New Erbium-doped Optical Materials And Optical Waveguide Studies
35. Study Of Optical Properties Of New Artificial Electromagnetic Media
36. Preparation And Characterization Of Mgzno Films Study
37. Doped With Nitrogen Sic Thin Films And Their Optical Properties
38. Researches On Manipulation Of Surface Plasmon And Optical Propteries In Periodic Metallic Nanostructures
39. Noninvasive Measurement Of Optical Properties Of Biological Tissue And Its Application For Detection Of Glucose Concentration
40. Design Of Photonic Crystal Semiconductor Lasers And Study Of Optical Properties Of Multi-quantum Wells In Active Layers
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