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1. Microring Resonators And Photodetectors With SU-8 Optical Waveguides On Silicon
2. High Speed Photonic Integrated Circuits For On-Chip Optical Interconnects
3. Study Of Low-dimensional Photodectors Based On New Mechanism Of Photodetection
4. Millimeter-wave Power Combining For Radio Over Fiber System
5. The Study Of The Silicon Photodetector
6. Study Of Plasmonic Micro-cavity Light Coupling Based On The Quantum Well Infrared Photo-electric Detecting
7. Nanocomposite Film Photodetector With Field-effect Transistor Configuration
8. Field-effect Photodetectors Based On Polymer-quantum Dots Composites
9. Study On The Graphene/silicon Heterojucntion Photodetectors
10. Studies On Preparation And Performance Characteristics Of ZnO Based Heterojunction Optoelectronic Devices
11. Study On Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Ultraviolet Photo Detecting Devices
12. Low Light Level Readout Of Quantum Dots Photodetector And Application Research
13. Regulation Of The Correlated Electron State Of VO2 Nanobeams And Their Response Functionalities
14. Optical Coupling Of Plasmonic Cavity And Waveguide With Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors
15. Synthesis And Photoelectric Properties Of Ⅲ-Ⅴ Semiconductor Nanostructures
16. Novel Low Driving-Voltage Optical Modulators On Silicon
17. Study On All-silicon High-order Electrooptic Modulators And Photodetectors
18. Investigation Of Growth Of Gallium Nitride Thin Films On Silicon And UV Photodetector
19. Study On Transparent And Conductive Cdln2O4 Thin Films And Measurement Of High-Speed Photodetector Frequency Response
20. Research On Long-Wavelength, Tunable Photodetector And Its Key Fabrication Technologies For WDM Demultiplexing Receiving Application
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