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181. Research On New Type Cadmium-based Semiconductors: Nanostructure Synthesis And Photoelectric Properties
182. Terahertz Quantum-well Photodetectors: Design, Performance And Improvements
183. Research Of High Speed And High Saturation Photodetectors For RoF System
184. Research Of A Novel Dual-Absorption Layer Photodector For Optical Communication System
185. Study Of Organic Ultraviolet Photodetectors Based On NPB Donor
186. Study Of Ohmic Contact Al Electrodes And Trial Research Of Photodetector
187. Fabrication Of ZnO Nanowire Photodetectors And Surface Passivation
188. The Fabrication And Properties Of ZnO Nanostructures Based UV Detectors
189. The System Of Sunlight Automatic Tracking Based On MCU
190. Two-dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Materials With Vertically Standing Layered Structure For High Performance Photodetector
191. Based-ZnO P-n Junction UV Photodetector
192. Graphene-on-Si Hybrid Nanophotonic Integrated Waveguides And Devices
193. A Study Of 4H-SiC Ultraviolet PIN Photodetector
194. A Study On Equivalent Circuit Model For MgZnO Ultraviolet Detector And Transport Property Of MgZnO/ZnO Heterostructures
195. Design And Research Of High-speed And High-power Uni-traveling-carrier Optical Waveguide Photodetector
196. Manufacture Of High-power And High-speed Optical Waveguide Photodetector
197. A Simulation Sdudy Of Si-PIN Photodetector Based On Nanoimprint Lithography
198. Fabrication Of Microstructured Silicon And Its Application In PIN Photodetector
199. Photocurrent Enhancement Of Graphene Photodetectors Based On Mie Scattering And Other Applications Of Mie Scattering
200. Design Of RHBD Optical Receiver Chip Based On CMOS Process
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