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Keyword [Graphene]
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1. The Study On Characteristics Of All Solid-state Mid-infrared Two Micrometer Lasers
2. Investigation Of Graphene Based Plasmonic Filters
3. Research On Graphene-based Photonic Devices
4. The Investigation Of The Growth And Properties Of Organic Semiconductors And Graphene On Metal Surfaces
5. Investigations On The Electronic Properties And Adsorption Structures Of Organic Semiconductors On Ordered Surfaces
6. Study Of Low-dimensional Photodectors Based On New Mechanism Of Photodetection
7. Graphene-based Nanomaterials For Fabricating The Electrochemical Sensing Platform And Its Application
8. Research On Novel Mode-locked Fiber Lasers And Their Dynamics
9. Fundamental Investigation Of Resistive Gas Sensors Based On MWCNTs And RGO
10. Research On The Characteristics Of Optical Antenna Based On Broadband Nanostructure
11. Research On Graphene Field-effect Transistors And Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits
12. Study On The Graphene/silicon Heterojucntion Photodetectors
13. Research On Micro- And Nano-structured Photonic Devices And High Efficient Terahertz Difference Frequency Generation
14. Graphene-based Novel Micro/nano Devices
15. Stimulated Emission In Zinc Oxide/Graphene Hybrid Microcavity
16. Investigation On The OPO And SRS Characteristics Pumped By All-solid-state Q-switched And QML Lasers
17. Study On Several New All Solid-state Mode-locked Lasers
18. Research On Thermal Characteristics And Reliability Of The Key Interface Structure Of LED
19. Fabrication Of Metal Oxide Semiconductor Based On Micro-nano Structure And Gas Sensing Properties
20. Study On The Controllability And Mechanism Of Conductive Channel In Carbon-based Resistive Switching Memory Devices
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