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181. Laser Micronanoprocessing Of Graphene Oxide And Its Devices Fabrication
182. Study Of Graphene-based Biosensors
183. Theoretical Researches On Electronic Transport In Nanoscale Devices
184. Preparation, Characterization And Their Photocatalytic Performances Of Modified Bi2Wo6Photocatalysts
185. Development Of Optical Sensor Array With Multi-functional Materials
186. Study Of Power Promotion And Applications Of Low-frequency Terahertz Wave Generated By Microwave Photonic Technology
187. Study On Improvement Of Organic Light-emitting Device Performance Based On Regulation Of Electrode Interface
188. Micro/nanofiber-based Graphene Ultrafast All-optical Modulators
189. Vibration Characteristics Of Micro/Nano Mass Sensor Via Nonlocal Elasticity Theory
190. The Humidity Sensing Propterties Of Graphene Oxide And Its Application In Micro/Nano Humidity Sensors
191. Study On The Performance Of Mode Locking And Q Switching Of All-normal-dispersion Fiber Laser
192. Study On Nano-materials Modified Electrochemical Sensors And Their Applications In Harmful Substances Detection
193. Studies Of High Sensitive Optical Biosensors Based On Nanomaterials And Aptamer
194. Investigation On Carbon-nano-materials Based Resonator Andattennas
195. The Fabrication Of Novel Electrochemical Sensors And Their Applications In Environmental Detection
196. Key Technologies Of The Design And Processing Of The Graphene Terahertz Detector
197. Graphene Sensors And Its Application In The Detection Of Heavy Metals
198. Study On Graphene-based NO_x Gas Sensor
199. The Fabrication Of Aptasosensor Based On Nano Materials Modified Electrode
200. Resonantly Pumped Passively Q-switched Er:YAG Ceramic Laser With Graphene Saturable Absorber
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