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21. Research On The Temperature Effect On The Electrical Properties Of Two-dimensional Layered Material Field Effect Devices
22. Signal Amplification Strategies And Graphene-type Nanomaterials Used In Optical Biosensing Technology
23. Research Of The Optical Modulators Based On The ε Large Tunable Range Materials
24. Algorithm To Retrieve Precipitation And Antenna Study From Synthetic Aperture Radar
25. Two-dimensional Layered Hexagonal Boron Nitride For Application In High-Power Electronic Devices As Thermally But Not Electrically Conductive Interface Material
26. Functionalized Optical Micro/Nanowires And Their Lasing Applications
27. Functional Integration Of Micro/nano Optical Waveguides For Device Applications
28. Tunable Silieon-Graphene Hybrid Nanophotonic Waveguides And Devices
29. Researches On The In-situ Electrical Measurements In A TEM With Micro-chips
30. Fabrication Of Graphene Field Effect Devices And Their Electronic Transport Propeties
31. Resonant Pumped 2μm Holmium - Filled Solid - State Lasers
32. Study On Coke - Based Solid - State Q - Switched And Mode - Locked 2μm Lasers
33. Creation And Sensing Application Of Reduced Okinoglitenyl - Based Novel Field Effect Transistor And Diode
34. Epitaxial Growth And Structure Characterization Of SiC Film And Fabrication Of Graphene
35. Characterization And Modeling Of New High-frequency Field Effect Devices
36. Growth And Structure Characteristic Of Graphene On The Surface Of Seminconductor As Well As Oxide And Study Of Mn-doped SiC Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor
37. Functionalization Of Graphene And Its Optoelectronic Properties
38. Studies Of The Jasmonates Electrochemical Sensor Based On Graphene Nanomaterials
39. Research Of The Electromechanical Characteristics On Silicon Nanowire
40. Construction And The Application Of Electrochemical Biosensors Based On Novel Nanoscaled Hybrid Materials
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