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Visualization System Design Of Data Analysis Results And Application In Smart City Evaluation System

Posted on:2022-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2518306755464864Subject:Master of Engineering
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With the rapid development and advancement of the current smart city construction,the evaluation and analysis reflecting the construction level of the smart city is becoming more and more important.When analyzing the evaluation results,it is inseparable from the visualization platform for visual analysis and display.At present,the common data visualization platforms on the market have many shortcomings,such as: high threshold for ordinary users,poor universality of platform solutions,and inability for users to customize designs.In this regard,this paper designs and develops a visual display system of data analysis results mainly used in smart city evaluation system.The specific research content and work mainly include the following parts:(1)In order to make the visualization graphics in the system suitable for the application scenarios of smart city evaluation results for visualization,according to the visual design process,the analysis is carried out in turn,and a complete display graphic scheme of the visual platform is designed.(2)This paper proposes a data visualization model that can be applied to the low-code platform,and a low-code platform for visualization is realized based on the model combined with the display graphics scheme.Through this platform module,users can design a custom data visualization display scheme by simply "drag,pull,and drag",which reduces the threshold for using the visualization platform.(3)A three-dimensional map visualization analysis component that supports external input data for smart city evaluation results is implemented using Three.js.The component satisfies the demand for 3D visualization graphics in the design of the display graphics scheme.By applying this component to the visualization platform,the user's visual perception of the development level of the smart city is improved.(4)A complete visualization system of data analysis results is designed and implemented.The system adopts the current mainstream front-end and back-end separation mode.The front-end uses React and Ant Design,and the back-end uses Node.js for development.Finally,the login and registration module,the evaluation and visual display module,the visual scheme display and design module were implemented in turn,and the system was applied with the Jiangsu Smart City Evaluation System,and passed the functional test.The system finally realized in this paper has the characteristics of versatility,design visualization,low-code,scalability and easy maintenance,and at the same time meets the basic needs of data analysis results visualization in smart city evaluation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Smart city, Visual model, Data visualization, Low-code
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