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Preparation And Properties Analysis Of Rhenium Disulfide Micro-Nano Structure

Posted on:2021-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330614465750Subject:Optical Engineering
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The Geim team at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom produced a monoatomic graphene material in 2004,and the scientists'eyes began to focus on the study of two-dimensional materials.However,due to its zero bandgap structure,graphene materials have limitations in optical and optoelectronic applications.With the development of materials science,more and more unique two-dimensional materials,such as black phosphorus?BP?and transition metal dichalcogenides?TMDs?,have been discovered.Transition metal dichalcogenides materials typified by molybdenum disulfide?Mo S2?and wolfram disulfide?WS2?have great potential for optoelectronic applications because of their unique molecular structure and excellent optical and electrical properties.Among them,rhenium disulfide?Re S2?,a new transition metal dichalcogenides semiconductor material,also has high electron mobility,high quantum efficiency,favourable mechanical properties and so on and was widely applied to optics,electronics,optoelectronics,etc.Related studies have shown that due to the low symmetry 1T crystal structure of rhenium disulfide,the layered structure of rhenium disulfide exhibits uniqueness in spectral properties compared to other two-dimensional semiconductor materials?such as black phosphorus,molybdenum disulfide,etc.?.The bulk rhenium disulfide and the monolayer rhenium disulfide have same raman characteristic peaks and both are direct band gaps.The research contents and results were as followed:?1?This paper used chemical vapor deposition?CVD?method to prepare large-area,high-quality rhenium disulfide micro-nano structures,such as layered films,nanosheets,nanoflowers,on the mica(KMg3(Al Si3O10)F2)substrate by control the growth temperature and time.And through related characterization techniques,we discussed the growth mechanism of rhenium disulfide micro-nano structures on the mica substrate.?2?By physical vapor deposition?PVD?,we prepared the rhenium disulfide film on the mica substrate.Then we studied the photocatalytic properties of rhenium disulfide micro-nano structures by PVD and CVD respectively.The photocatalytic property of the nano-flower structure was found to be the best in 0-75min under the simulated natural light.?3?The rhenium disulfide powder was prepared by the hydrothermal method.Combined with the rhenium disulfide powder prepared by high temperature calcination method,the effects of different reaction temperatures at 180C to 300C on the crystallinity of the rhenium disulfide powder were studied.The crystallinity of rhenium disulfide powder is better at 300C.The innovation of this article was that the growth mechanism of rhenium disulfide on mica substrate was discovered from in-plane growth to out-of-plane growth;the rhenium disulfide micro-nano structures were applied to the catalysis of methylene blue solution and the photocatalytic properties of different structures were analyzed and compared;the properties analysis of micro-nano structures of rhenium disulfide prepared by different methods were compared.
Keywords/Search Tags:ReS2, preparation methods, micro-nano structure, properties analysis, photocatalytic
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