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Provable Secure Certificateless Signature Schemes And Their Applications

Posted on:2021-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Z AiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330611479794Subject:Applied Mathematics
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Aiming at the problem that the current large-scale power grid system in remote areas such as isolated islands cannot be popularization or costly to popularization,an island microgrid is proposed.However,in this environment,the communication bandwidth for information transmission is relatively limited and the computing power is weak.Certificateless signature removes certificate management,and has the characteristics of low load,low energy consumption and easy transmission.It has high applicability in areas with limited transmission such as isolated islands and has become a current research hotspot.This paper focuses on the research of certificateless signature.The specific work is as follows:1.Aiming at the problem of lacking authentication between the public key and the public key holder in the traditional certificateless signature scheme,a certificateless signature scheme based on key bundling is proposed.The security of the scheme is proved under the random oracle model and the assumption of the Inv-CDH difficult problem.Meanwhile,there are certain advantages in computing efficiency by comparing with other ertificateless signature schemes.2.Aiming at the problem of limited information transmission in the isolated island environment,based on the certificateless signature scheme proposed in this paper,a data security transmission protocol is designed,which is applied to the power quality monitoring system of isolated island micro grid.The problem of data security transmission in monitoring data transmission is solved,and the security analysis of the protocol is given,which proves that the protocol can resist various attacks such as tampering,replay and forgery.At the same time,the experimental simulation proves that the protocol has high efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:certificateless signature, provable security, random oracle model, isolated island microgrid, power quality
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