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Studies On Photonic Generation Of Millimeter-Wave And Photonic RF Phase Shift Technique

Posted on:2020-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330596492796Subject:Information and Communication Engineering
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The technology of photonic generation of millimeter-wave signal can generate millimeter-wave signal with high frequency and wide bandwidth.However,in military fields such as phased array radar and electronic countermeasure,it is not only necessary to produce millimeter-wave signal with high quality,but also to precisely control the phase of millimeter-wave signal.The technology of microwave photonic phase shift can control the phase of a particular optical sideband,and generate a microwave signal with controllable phase after a photoelectric detection.Therefore,this paper focuses on the research of the technology of photonic generation of millimeter-wave and photonic RF phase shift,and combining the two technologies to deeply discuss the novel method of producing millimeter-wave with high quality,tunable phase and high frequency.This paper proposes two schemes of photonic generation of frequencyquadrupled millimeter-wave with controllable phase based on the external modulation technology:(1)This paper presents a scheme for generating phase controllable and frequency-quadrupled millimeter-wave without optical filters.Most technologies of photonic generation of millimeter-wave with phase shift need use optical filter for sideband separation.However,the use of optical filters will not only cause a large power loss,but also introduce a greater noise due to environmental factors.In order to solve the problem,a frequency-quadrupled phase shift scheme without optical filter is proposed in this paper.Through formula deduction and simulation verification,the results show that not only the high frequency millimeter-wave signal with controllable phase is generated,but also the phase of the generated signal has the advantages of small error,simple tuning and fast tuning speed.(2)A frequency-quadrupled photonic mixer with controllable phase of millimeter-wave is proposed.By combining the technique of microwave photonic mixing with the technique of multiple-frequency with phase shift,multiple millimeter-wave signals of different frequencies can be produced by using multiple local oscillators of different frequencies.Through theoretical deduction and simulation verification,the millimeter-wave signals of multiple frequencies with frequency from 35 to 45 GHz and frequency interval of 1GHz are generated,and the phase of all the millimeter-wave signals is controllable.
Keywords/Search Tags:photonic generation of millimeter-wave, frequency-quadrupled, photonic RF phase shift, multiple-frequency with phase shift, microwave photonic mixer
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