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Design And Research Of Base Station-Assisted D2D Multicast Information Sharing Scheme

Posted on:2020-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330578978049Subject:Information and Communication Engineering
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With the popularization of intelligent terminal devices and the rise of multimedia services,content requirements will continue to grow at a very high speed,which makes traditional cellular network services overload and spectrum resources scarce.At the same time,the continuous improvement of computing and storage performance of terminal devices provides a basis for the practical application of D2D(Device to Device)communication technology.In order to improve the efficiency of information data transmission in D2D clusters,this paper proposes a new D2D intra-cluster multicast information sharing model to study the low transmission efficiency,loss of packet delay,and intra-cluster signaling explosion in traditional data transmission.This paper firstly summarizes the technical background of D2D communication and the principle of network coding technology,and introduces the application of network coding technology in wireless network.Secondly,this paper studies the basic idea and implementation principle of network coding retransmission mechanism in the existing literature.They are NCWBR,HWNER,ONCMB and ONCSB respectively.Finally,a multicast information sharing model in D2D cluster is proposed.Then based on this model,aiming at maximizing transmission efficiency,a Dual Interfaces-Network Coding Based on Cluster Heads Cache(DI-NCBHC)is proposed.A Dual Interfaces-High Efficiency Network Coding(DI-HENC)scheme is proposed as a comparison scheme Finally,a Dual Interfaces-Low Signaling Loss retransmission based on Random Linear Network Coding(DI-LSLRINC)is proposed to maximize the system retransmission signaling efficiency.Through simulation analysis and comparison,the transmission performance of the DI-NCBHC retransmission scheme is significantly better than the four common network coding retransmission schemes in the existing literature,and its packet loss recovery delay is controllable.The transmission performance is the same as the DI-HENC scheme.The DI-LSLRINC scheme proposed in this paper adopts intra-stream random linear network coding technology to reduce the signaling loss during retransmission,and uses the threshold strategy to balance the lost packet recovery delay and codec complexity.Through simulation analysis and comparison,the DI-LSLRINC transmission scheme is significantly superior to the traditional ARQ transmission scheme and the ordinary XOR network coding transmission scheme,and has very high signaling efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:D2D multicast, network coding, information sharing, minimize retransmission times, maximize signaling efficiency
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