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Research On Intelligent Sensitive Routing Algorithm Based On Software Defined Networking And Efficient Content Caching Mechanism

Posted on:2020-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330575956565Subject:Electronic and communication engineering
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In the past 20 years,computer communication and information technology have developed rapidly.With the advent of mobile Internet and 4G era,people's demand for data content has increased explosively.The traditional network communication architecture can not meet the needs of thehigh-speed massive information transmission in the era of big data.In order to adapt to this change,Software Defined Networking based on centralized control and Content-centric Network architecture with high reliability and low latency are proposed.Routing technology and caching technology are the key technologies affecting the network transmission performance,so the research focus of this topic is to design appropriate routing algorithm and efficient caching strategy based on these two innovative network architectures.In traditional networks,the global network topology is unknown and the routing algorithm can not consider the real-time state of links resulting in low link utilization.In Software Defined Networking,routing computation can not only obtain a global view,but also be separated from the forwarding devices and completed independently by the controller.Therefore,this paper studies the routing mechanism in Software Defined Networking and proposes a mix intelligent sensing routing algorithm based on genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm.In this mix intelligent sensing routing algorithm,the genetic algorithm is first used to search globally,and then the ant colony algorithm makes full use of the positive feedback information to reduce the number of searches and find the optimal path at last.Even if an efficient routing algorithm based on Software Defined Networking is proposed,the routing algorithm can only guarantee the best forwarding path for each message.There will be a large number of redundant transmission of the same content requests in the networkwithout efficient caching strategy,which consumes most of the system resources and affects the overall network performance.In this paper,the idea of Content-centric Network is introduced,and an efficient cache strategy based on node betweenness and hop number is proposed.This strategy emphasizes the fairness of buffer distribution while comparing the importance of nodes,so that it can reduce the transmission of duplicate data and improve the transmission efficiency.It has certain theoretical value and practical guiding significance for the processing,storaging and forwarding of massive data and video information.
Keywords/Search Tags:software defined networking, routing algorithm content-centric network, cache strategy
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