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The Moth Algorithm And Its Application

Posted on:2019-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330545968384Subject:Computer application technology
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The moth colony algorithm is a new meta-heuristic method that simulates the behavior of moths flying in the moon direction at night.Because of its intuitive structure,easy understanding,strong robustness,and good search ability,this algorithm has been widely used in engineering optimization,power system and other fields at home and abroad.However,with the deepening of the research,people find that the algorithm has the disadvantages of being easy to fall into local optimum and slow convergence,and the scope of application needs to be broadened.This dissertation aims at the analysis and improvement of the deficiency of the moth colony algorithm in order to further improve the optimization performance of the moth colony algorithm,broaden its application field and improve the theoretical basis of its algorithm.The main results are as follows:(1)A moth swarm algorithm based on the elite reverse base strategy is proposed.The introduction of the elite reverse mechanism improves the population diversity of the moth colony algorithm and avoids the algorithm falling into a local optimum,accelerating the convergence speed of the algorithm to some extent.The algorithm is to generate reverse individuals in the current generation of the best individuals in the region,and the reverse individual and the current best individuals to participate in competition,the outstanding individuals into the next generation;to avoid the algorithm into a local optimum,improve the convergence of the algorithm speed.(2)For traditional clustering algorithms,there are problems such as initial solution,robustness,and low clustering validity.Applying the moth colony algorithm to the cluster analysis problem,the moth colony algorithm overcomes the traditional clustering to some extent.The shortcomings,which reduce some of the solution steps of the traditional algorithm and improve the clustering efficiency.(3)The traditional multi-threshold segmentation method has disadvantages of large amount of calculation and low accuracy of threshold segmentation.The moth algorithm is applied to the multi-threshold image segmentation.The experimental results show that the moth colony algorithm improves the image segmentation efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Moth Swarm Algorithm, Meta-heuristic method, Elite Opposition, Clustering Algorithm, Multi-threshold image segmentation
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