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Application Research Of Meta-Heuristic Lightning Search Algorithm

Posted on:2019-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y T LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330542994696Subject:Computer software and theory
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Lightning search algorithm(LSA)is a new meta-heuristic optimization algorithm inspired by the phenomenon of natural weather lightning and was proposed in 2015.It simulates the mechanism of step leader propagation and its rich forking structural characteristics,and the optimization algorithm is designed based on three phenomena:transition projectile,space projectile and lead projectile,and it shows a good global optimization performance.Lightning search algorithm has the advantages of simple structure,less adjustment parameters and fast convergence speed.It has been paid more and more attention by scholars.With the deepening of the research,the researchers found that lightning search algorithm has the defects of premature convergence,easy to fall into local optimum,and low precision,which limits the application scope of lightning search algorithm.This paper mainly analyzes and improves lightning search algorithm to improve its exploration and exploitation,and solves some optimization problems with the improved algorithm.The purpose is to further improve the theoretical basis of lightning search algorithm and extend its application scope.The main work of this paper includes:(1)Introduce simplex method(SM)to improve the shortcomings of the algorithm with low accuracy and improve the local exploitation of the algorithm.In the process of global exploration,elite opposition-based learning(EOBL)strategy is used to expand the search space of the algorithm to avoid the algorithm falling into a local optimum.A hybrid optimization algorithm(LSA-SM)based on lightning search algorithm and simplex method is proposed.The improved algorithm has higher calculation accuracy and convergence speed and stronger stability for function optimization.The algorithm is applied to engineering structure design problems and shows the superiority of the algorithm in solving practical optimization problems.(2)In order to further expand the application field of lightning search algorithm,it is applied to optimize the design of multilayer microwave absorber for normal incidence,and a hybrid optimization algorithm(BLSA-SA)based on binary lightning search algorithm and simulated annealing is proposed.Binary lightning search algorithm has high search precision for solving discrete binary optimization problems.In order to avoid the algorithm falling into a local optimum,simulated annealing algorithm is introduced,and crossover and mutation operators are added to increase the population diversity and improve the convergence speed of the algorithm.The improved algorithm obtains a thinner and lower reflection coefficient than other meta-heuristic algorithms for multilayer microwave absorber design.
Keywords/Search Tags:lightning search algorithm, simplex method, elite opposition-based learning, engineering structure design, multilayer microwave absorber, binary lightning search algorithm, simulated annealing, meta-heuristic algorithm
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