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Research On Verifying Method Of Cloud Object Storage Integrity And Consistency Based On Authenticated Data Structures

Posted on:2018-07-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q S YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330542486974Subject:Software engineering
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With the rapid development of cloud computing and cloud storage,more and more users choose to save their own data into the cloud server.This not only saves the local storage space,and easy access to data anytime,anywhere.In addition,the data on the cloud server can be maintained by a number of users that a user simply puts own data on the cloud server,other users can get the data through the cloud server.Although It brings a lot of convenience to users,but the server is not worthy of full trust.Due to internal or external reasons,the data stored on the server may be subject to tampering.In this case,the data retrieved by user is incomplete,so how to ensure the integrity of the data in this environment becomes a hot research.As multiple users can operate on the data in the cloud server,how to ensure data consistency is also a problem that extremely needs to be solved.Therefore,this paper focuses on how to ensure data integrity and consistency.Based on the research of data integrity and consistency,this paper proposes verification protocol of integerity and consistency based on authenticated data structures(VPIC-ADS).The conception of compatible operation is given,and the protocol is described in detail from the active phase and the passive phase.At the same time,the security of the protocol is analyzed.Aiming at cloud object storage environment,this paper proposes verification of integrity and consistency of cloud object storage(VICOS)based on VPIC-ADS.The architecture of the scheme is introduced,and the object data types and operation methods of object storage are introduced.The integrity verification protocol of the authentication dictionary is proposed to support the scheme.The detailed algorithm description of the entity in the scheme is given and the security analysis is given.Finally,a prototype system is designed and implemented based on the proposed VICOS scheme.And the function design and the class design of the system are given.Then the function of the prototype system is realized.And Then the system's various functions were tested.The results show that the system can complete the functions correctly,and effectively ensure the integrity and consistency of the object data.
Keywords/Search Tags:Integrity verification, Consistency verification, Authentication data structure, Cloud storage object
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