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A Study On Similarity Calculation Method Of Geometric Test Questions In Adaptive Learning Systems

Posted on:2019-12-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the field of education,the adaptive learning system is an important part of the computer aided teaching system.It can push specific exercises according to learners' characteristics.If learners find errors in a certain knowledge point when learning,then adaptive learning system can find similar questions to push.The questions that large,human judgment and similar questions will work very huge,difficult to complete,and each person on item similarity judgment according to different results are too subjective,lack of unity,so we should not use artificial methods to find similar questions.Therefore,it is very important to construct a standardized method of judging the similarity of the test questions to the adaptive learning system.In this paper,we choose the plane geometry test questions to study the similarity calculation method.The knowledge of plane geometry has trained logical thinking and geometric thinking ability in the learning process of learners,and laid the foundation for later learning.It is an important part of mathematical knowledge.The proposition language of plane geometry problem is a restricted language.There are fewer words used in propositional language,and there are simple,clear,logical and fixed expression ways,which is beneficial to summarize the basis of similarity judgement.There are many methods to calculate semantic similarity,but the research on similarity calculation method is less.The calculation method can be divided into two kinds,one is the calculation method of item similarity using CNKI,the disadvantage of this method is the only literal judge questions similarity,and did not really understand the questions,not taking into account the questions used in the similarity of knowledge point,so the item similarity judgment effect is not ideal.The other is to calculate the similarity of the geometric entities in the test questions,so as to get the similarity of the test questions.Although this method takes into account the similarity of geometric entities in the test questions,it still can not contain the factors that people consider when deciding the similarity.Therefore,this study studies the similarity calculation method of geometric test questions from the way of human thinking.In this paper,we take the question of the plane geometry in junior high school as an example.First,we summarize the factors that people consider when judging the similarity,and choose the basis for the calculation.Then the geometric propositional language is processed by word segmentation and sentence pattern matching,and the factors of similarity calculation are obtained.Because this study takes plane geometry test questions as an example,when calculating the similarity between test questions,we should also consider students' learning order,that is,the closer the similarity is,the more important the application points are.Therefore,the study sequence is summed up through the study of the curriculum standards and the actual teaching process.Finally,a mathematical formula is set up to study the similarity calculation method of geometric test questions.The similarity calculation formula of the content of this study was established and verified.Finally,we find out the similarity calculation method of the geometric test questions in the adaptive learning system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Participle technology, Geometric entity ontology, Sentence model, Similarity calculation of geometric test questions
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