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Effect Of Different Rice Straw Treatment Methods On The Component Of Phosphorus And Potassium In Coastal Saline Soil

Posted on:2019-06-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2370330569496705Subject:Soil science
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In order to explore a suitable rice straw returning method in northeastern China,and to provide theoretical support and data reference for straw returing,the effects of adding decomposed straw?F?,rice straw biochar?S?and non-decomposed straw?Z?on the phosphorus and potassium forms in coastal saline paddy soil were investigated by using an indoor constant temperature incubation method.The results showed that:1 The addition of three different treated rice straw increased the content of total phosphorus?P?and available P in the soil.The increasing effect of adding rice straw biochar treatment was the most significant among them.2 The addition with three different treatments of rice straw promoted the mutual transformation of various forms of inorganic phosphorus in the soil,and activated the soil phosphorus.Compared with control check?CK?,the addition of different treated rice straw increased the contents of Ca2-P,Ca8-P and Fe-P,and decreased the contents of O-P and Ca10-P in different degrees.Compared with control?CK?,the addition of different treated straw increased the contents of Ca2-P,Ca8-P and Fe-P with 63.72%,60.07%and 9.34%,and the contents of O-P and Ca10-P decreased in different degrees 28.17%and 6.54%.The adding rice straw biochar got the most remarkable activated effect.The activated effect of them was as follows:F>S>Z.3.The content of organic phosphorus in soil increased with different degrees by adding three differently treated rice straws.The content of active organic phosphorus increased significantly with the addition of rice straw biochar.The addition with three types of rice straw can promote the activity of organic phosphorus in soil.The transformation effect with added rice straw biochar treatment is the most obvious,than as decomposed straw,and as non-decomposed straw followed.4 The addition with three different forms of rice straw increased the content of total potassium,available potassium and slow-release potassium in paddy soil.The addition of rice straw biochar has the most significant effect.With the increase of culture time during 360days,the available potassium content in soil added three rice straw treatments was gradually transformed into slow-release potassium.5.The addition of three different of rice straw can affect the main parameters of soil Q/I plot.The value of-?K0 and AReK increased,but the PBCK values reduced.The results showed that adding rice straw can increase potassium release from the soil,increase the availability of potassium,and at the same time reduce the potassium buffering capacity of the soil and reduce the potassium strength.Adding straw biochar,decomposed straw,and non-decomposed straw all can increase the soil total P and total K content,and have a significant effect on the increase of soil available P and available K content.The addition of three types of rice straw promotes the conversion of soil organic phosphorus and inorganic phosphorus components to available phosphorus,which is beneficial to the activation of soil phosphorus.
Keywords/Search Tags:Coastal saline paddy soil, Rice straw returning, Rice straw biochar, Soil phosphorus forms, Soil potassium forms
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