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Design And Implementation Of Automotive Anti-collision Radar Based On Multi-order Linear Frequency Keying

Posted on:2018-08-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2358330512478633Subject:Communication and Information System
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Due to the frequent occurrence of traffic accidents,the demand of automotive radar increases.In order to reduce the cost of automotive radar and improve its detection performance,a multi-stage linear frequency shift keying(MS-LFSK)waveform for automotive radar,as well as its signal processing method is developed in this thesis.The designed MS-LFSK waveform demonstrates a high detection precision of range and velocity,a low signal processing load and a small detection blind area.Based on the designed waveform,an automotive radar prototype is developed.The main work is as follows.Firstly,to overcome the target-pairing problem in multiple targets situation of LFMCW waveform and low range-velocity measurement precision of multiple frequency shift keying(MFSK)waveform,a multi-stage linear frequency shift keying(MS-LFSK)waveform for automotive radar is proposed.The waveform parameter design procedure and signal processing method are detailed.In MS-LFSK,the computational complexity is reduced with no target-pairing requirement.The precision of ranging and velocity measurement is improved by processing multiple different fuzzy distances recursively.The detection blind area caused by the transceiver leakage is narrowed due to up and down sweep joint detection.The detection performance of MS-LFSK is evaluated by the simulation results.After that the radar multi-target tracking scheme is presented.Secondly,a principle automotive radar prototype based on MS-LFSK is developed.The radar structure is designed to integrate the antenna,radio frequency(RF)module and signal processing module together.RF and signal processing modules are designed to share the same PCB circuit board.Based on the above radar framework,the schematic and PCB of the RF and signal processing module are implemented,as well as the signal processing software,the data processing software and the PC display software.Thirdly,through outdoors experiments,the detection performance and multi-target tracking performance of MS-LFSK radar prototype are demonstrated.The effectiveness of detection and tracking method based on MS-LFSK are evaluated through the experiment results.
Keywords/Search Tags:Automotive Radar, Multi-stage Linear Frequency Shift Keying, Waveform Design, Multi-target Tracking System
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