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Research On Node Location Technology In Wireless Sensor Networks

Posted on:2019-06-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Node location technology is a support technology for wireless sensor networks that determine the location of a node based on a few known locations and then determine the specific location of the event monitored by the sensor nodes.In order to determine the specific location of the monitored event by node location technology,it is not only the work of a node,but also the multiple sensors that monitor the event cooperate with each other to determine the location of the event by using its own positioning mechanism.At present,designing a node localization algorithm with high performance is a challenging task.After the wireless sensor network static positioning technology,dynamic positioning technology and positioning algorithm in the positioning system research,the following research results:(1)The traditional wireless sensor network static location technology generally uses the DV-HOP positioning algorithm that uses the hop multiplied by the average hop distance to estimate the distance and adopts the maximum likelihood estimation method to locate,but the calculation result has a big error.After researching,the algorithm of DV-HOP based on hop count correction and improved particle swarm optimization can get the optimal jump value,and optimize the first phase of traditional positioning algorithm.In addition,DV-HOP algorithm to replace the maximum likelihood estimation method to locate the node coordinates.After Matlab simulation,the results show that the improved DV-HOP algorithm is superior to the traditional DV-HOP and PSO-DVhop algorithm.(2)The traditional wireless sensor network dynamic positioning technology usually uses Monte Carlo positioning algorithm,but the research found that the traditional Monte Carlo positioning algorithm has the disadvantages of low positioning accuracy,complex algorithm,long response time and low sampling rate.However,the improved Monte Carlo algorithm can effectively improve the above problems.On the one hand,the number of anchor information received by the unknown node in the prediction phase at time t is divided into four cases and discussed,and the most suitable method is selected to narrow the sampling region.The simulation results show that the improved moncatero algorithm can effectively reduce the sampling area,improve the sampling success rate and positioning accuracy,reduce the number of sampling and calculation,reduce energy consumption and prolong the life cycle of the network.(3)Study and design a complete set of communication flow based on the principle of DV-HOP algorithm.The results show that the positioning system has good accuracy and stable operation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wireless sensor network, DV-Hop algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm, Monte Carlo algorithm, ZigBee, Positioning system
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