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Problems Of Generalized Robust Control Of Uncertain Time-delay Systems

Posted on:2016-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330536954812Subject:Computational Mathematics
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This paper is under the premise of previous research in,continue on the generalized uncertainty time-delay problems related to are discussed.Firstly,Stated the relevant knowledge of Singular Systems,next,discusses and analysis the uncertain singular time-delay system with two different kinds of.The problem of robust stability including the more common of the two kinds of system,and the robust controller design problem to make the s ystem stable.The detailed results are as follows:In the first place,based on the published articles,to discuss the performance of the system.Through the improvement of the appropriate expression of system,make the current system can more close to the actual production and living application.At the same time,make appropriate adjustments to the system state matrix,avoid conversion problem between the determinant in the process of calculation,The improvement can not only solve related problems of robus t guaranteed cost control system before and also to ensure the sufficient conditions for the robust stability of the system is not changed.Finally,designed the system robust improved guaranteed cost controller.All processes with precise proof,at the same time using numerical examples are calculated,To verify validity of improved later.In addition,study of a class of singular time-delay systems with norm bounded.In the research process,we use the linear matrix inequality method successfully,according to the state array,controller and state time delay array at the same time there is perturbation of non fragile guaranteed cost control problem of a detailed study.Eventually,sufficient conditions are given for the closed-loop system stable asymptotically.At the same time,the end result get the H_? closed-loop systems with norm bounded ?.At the end of the article lists the controller design scheme,a numerical example is used to show that the method is very effective...
Keywords/Search Tags:time-delay system, uncertainty, guaranteed cost control, nonlinear perturbation, non-fragile H_? robust control, linear matrix inequality(LMI)
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