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Research On Linear Preceding Method In Massive MIMO System

Posted on:2018-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:SADEQI MOHAMMAD ARIFFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330515979752Subject:Communication and Information System
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Massive multiple-input multiple-output(MIMO)as one of the key technologies in 5G has received widespread concerned.In massive MIMO systems,it is necessary to do precoding to reduce the noise in and the interference between users.The increase of the channel matrix dimension will bring great complexity to the precoding algorithm.It has been searching for low complexity precoding,in which the linear precoding method is the focus of the research because of the low complexity.In this thesis,the massive MIMO system model is analyzed,and several traditional linear precoding algorithms are combined with massive MIMO systems.The theoretical analysis and performance simulation are carried out.The SNR and bit error rate performance of different precoding algorithms are compared.Therefore,the thesis research the model and precoding method of massive MIMO system,the linear precoding method in massive MIMO is studied and verified by simulation,discussed a kind of matrix based on Norman series expansion Approximate Matrix Inverse Precoding AMIP algorithm.The main research of this thesis is as follows:(1)Research on large-scale MIMO system model:Based on the MIMO technology theory,the basic theory of large-scale MIMO is studied for the difference between large scale MIMO system and MIMO system.A large-scale MIMO system model is analyzed.(2)Linear precoding method:Based on the study of multiuser MIMO and pre-large-scale MIMO model,the zero forcing ZF precoding under the existing Rayleigh fading channel model,the minimum mean square Error(Minimum Mean Square Error MMSE)precoding and other linear precoding method for theoretical analysis and performance simulation.(3)The method of approximating matrix inverse based on Norman series expansion is studied and the theoretical analysis and performance simulation are carried out.Based on the Norman series expansion matrix approximation inverse coding algorithm,compared with the traditional ZF and MMSE precoding algorithm can reduce the precoding matrix in large-scale MIMO system to achieve the hardware complexity.
Keywords/Search Tags:Massive MIMO, Linear precoding, Neuman series expansion, Approximation matrix inverse
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