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Keyword [Massive MIMO]
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1. High Efficiency Cooperative Coding And Massive MIMO Technologies
2. Study On Cooperative Beamforming And Multiuser MIMO Technologies
3. Precoding And Scheduling In Massive MIMO Systems
4. Research On Key Theory And Technoglogy Of Wireless Massive MIMO System
5. Key Technologies Of Massive MIMO System
6. Research On Key Technologies Of Spatial Modulation And Massive MIMO Transmission
7. Research On Cross-Layer Design And Energy Efficiency Optimization Resource Allocation Scheme For Broadband Wireless Communication Systems
8. Investigations On Wideband Microstrip Antennas And High Performance Active Antenna Array For Wireless Communications
9. Research Or The Energy Efficiency Of Massive MIMO Systems
10. Robust Signal Processing For Wireless Communication Systems With Erroneous Channel State Information
11. Study On Vehicle Antennas, Airborne Antennas And Wireless Mobile Communication Antennas
12. Reciprocity Calibration For Massive MIMO Systems
13. Adaptive Transmission For Wireless MIMO Communications
14. Omnidirectional Transmission And Channel Estimation In MIMO Systems
15. Massive MIMO Wireless Transmission With Pilot Reuse
16. Distributed Multiuser Detection For Massive MIMO System
17. Study On Double Codebook Beamforming Technique
18. Research On Channel And Doa Estimation For Massive Mimo Systems
19. Research On Nonbinary LDPC Code And Its Massive MIMO-Concatenated System
20. Research On The Multiple Antenna Channel Modeling And Simulation Techniques For The Next Generation Of Wireless Communication Systems
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