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The Propagation Of Optical Pulse Under The Effects Of Quintic Non-Kerr

Posted on:2017-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z D GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330512450928Subject:Communication and Information System
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The paper is researched on the basis of the theoretical model of quintic Ginzburg-Landau equation with variable coefficients.Firstly,the exact soliton solution is studied and its characteristics is theoretically and numerically analyzed in inhomogeneous optical fiber system according to the calculation result,Besides,when considering the quintic Non-Kerr effect,the ultra-short pulse propagation properties in the form of exact soliton solution and the interaction between the two neighboring ultra-short pulse are discussed.Furthermore,the propagation property of optical soliton is investigated in optical fiber amplifier with the quintic non-Kerr effect,and the specific influence on the optical soliton under this effect is also analyzed.In practical application,these researches provide a certain theoretical basis for the ultra-short pulse propagation in the inhomogeneous optical fiber system.In addition,it may be helpful to control the influence of quintic non-Kerr effect in the inhomogeneous optical fiber system and the optical fiber amplifier.The main contents are as follow:(1)The research background of nonlinear fiber optics in optical fiber communication and the research status of optical soliton propagation in nonlinear system are introduced,respectively.Moreover,the research significance of the quintic non-Kerr effect is also discussed.(2)The exact soliton solution for the theoretical model is studied.When considering the quintic non-Kerr effect,the exact soliton solution is obtained under some special conditions by using ansatz method,and the characteristic of exact soliton solution is analyzed theoretically.When ignoring the quintic non-Kerr effect,the exact dissipative soliton solution is obtained,meanwhile,the propagation properties of exact soliton solution is analyzed.Finally,the theoretical investigate results of the exact soliton solution and dissipative soliton solution is verified by numerical analyze.(3)When considering the quintic non-Kerr effect in inhomogeneous optical fiber system,the stability and the interaction of exact soliton solution are studied by using the split-step Fourier method.The stability of incident pulse with the perturbations of amplitude and noise are numerically simulated,respectively.Besides,the interaction is numerical analyzed by changing the initial separation between the two neighboring incident pulse.(4)When considering the quintic non-Kerr effect in the optical fiber amplifier,the propagation properties of optical soliton is studied by by using the split-step Fourier method.Firstly,the hyperbolic secant pulse are set as incident pulse,we investigate the evolution and the stability of bright soliton via split-step Fourier method,and several bright soliton's evolution is also analyzed;Then,the hyperbolic tangent pulse are set as incident pulse,the evolution of dark soliton is numerically simulated;Finally,the specific influence of quintic non-Kerr effect on the optical soliton is discussed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Quintic non-Kerr effect, Ginzburg-Landau equation, Inhomogeneous optical fiber system, Optical fiber amplifier, Optical soliton
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