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CNTV Information Security Platform Construction And The Design And Implementation Of The Key Technology

Posted on:2015-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2348330485993597Subject:Software engineering
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China Network Television(CNTV), a brand new network TV station. CNTV has the responsible for demonstrating the highest level of service in China to the world. Everything that CNTV broadcasts carries weight. Like any other network TV station, relies heavily on the secure operation of its information system. Information system is the key resource to us, and in some way, an important but invisible asset. The security of the information has climbed up the priority list over the years.This article cuts in from the secure establishment of CNTV's information security platform. From a new media website's perspective, discussing the specialties and difficulties that CNTV's now facing. We've been utilizing various kinds of tools and skills like, National information security level three evaluation, ISO 27001 security regulations, and OSA methodology. After a rigid categorization and selection based on the actual facts and international standards, I decided to do the overall planning through 3 majors aspects, technical assurance, information management, and business operation.With the growth and changes of CNTV's business scope, I was given the opportunity to re-plan and re-design the information security system with my team. Below are some major points that I am going to discuss later in the article.1?The protection of secure domain during the construction of information security system. Defending the secure domain from both internal and external threats based on my deep understanding of CNTV's businesses. The boundary protection can effectively blocking unauthorized access; Access control system enables us to more rigidly and specifically managing the access rights. And DDoS protection mechanism can defend external attacks in real-time.2?Penetration testing during secure operation. Discovering and rediscovering the threats that posted by CNTV's internal flaws. Fixing the problem through predefined processes to better system's performance.3?Security reinforcement during secure operation. This crucial action comes after the evaluation, testing, and analysis. Constantly fortifying CNTV's security level by periodical reinforcements and ad hoc reinforcements.
Keywords/Search Tags:new media, information security, boundary protection, access control system, prevention of denial of service attack
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