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The Key Problem Research Of MANET Based On Information Centric Network

Posted on:2017-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B W SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330485988163Subject:Communication and Information System
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Nowadays, Information Centric Network(ICN) is becoming the research focus of Internet. This framework uses information object to be the base of constructing a network, the consumer of information obtain its requirements by using the name of information.Content Centric Network(CCN) is a typical realization of ICN. In CCN, those nodes which strore information in network firstly broadcast their information to the network., then the nodes which consume information receive the sent information, after this, the nodes which consume information send their interest packets to network, if the interest packets are received by those nodes which strore information, thus the nodes which strore information return the information according to interest packet. So far a communication process of CCN is finished. So CCN doesn't need to establish a fixed communication link like tradtional IP network. In MANET(Mobile Ad-Hoc Network), the link established by IP network is fragile and unreliable, but if we import CCN into MANET, the robustness and stability will be enhanced heavily.The CCN in existence is based on wired network. If we import CCN into MANET directly, the effectiveness of network will be reduced, because in MANET, if a node decides to forward a interest packet, this node will announce the packet to all nodes nearby, this process produces many redundant packet. And the node which stores information may receive many more interest packets sent by the same node,thus redundant data packets are returned. The size of data packet is much larger than other pakcets. So the burden of network is much more heavier. This paper puts forward a routing mechanism based on CCN to reduce the bandwidth consumption of network. The mechanism firstly optimizes the first stage of CCN's working process, the packet broadcasted are devided into two different packets. Then we optimize the interest packets and its processing procedure, the result is that the interest packet in forwarding process will be sent to the node among its neighbor nodes which is nearest to the node which has information. Finally we simulate all the strategy above and prove it is effective.On the other hand, since the performance of VANET(Vehicle Ad-Hoc Network) in complex road conditions is difficult to be guaranteed, network delay and packet loss rate are relatively higher. This paper introduces CCN into VANET and put forward a communication scheme to reduce bandwith consumption in VANET. The scheme use RSU(Road Side Unit) in VANET to be the sender of interest packets, which helps the vehicle who needs information to find its requirement. Because we put location information into every packet, so the vehicle who owns information knows the position of vehicle who needs information. Furthermore, because every vehicle is equipped with GPS system, so the shortest path between the vehicle who needs information and the vehicle who owns information can be calculated, the path will be stored in the data packet. So the data packet can be sent to the who needs information by the shortest path.
Keywords/Search Tags:ICN, Interest packet, Road Side Unit, Ad-Hoc
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