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Thermal Conductivity And Thermal Response Analysis Of Structures Based On Random Factors

Posted on:2018-11-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y W MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2310330542990758Subject:Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology
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In aviation,aerospace,engine,thermal machinery,energy and chemical and other industrial equipment and microelectromechanical systems,electronic components and other fields,the design and analysis of the actual engineering structure,structure of the thermal problem has gradually become a hot spot,the thermal deformation and thermal stress of the structure under the action of the thermal load become the prominent problem.While considering the actual engineering structure,there are a lot of errors and uncertainties,which will cause the physical parameters,geometrical parameters and loads taking on uncertainties,resulting in structural response also has uncertainty,therefore,it is of great theoretical and engineering significance to study the influence of these uncertainties on the structural response.This article by writing Fortran programming language,the implicit difference method is used to solve the transient temperature field,according to the principle of minimum potential energy,the mechanical finite element equation is obtained,and the nodal displacement of the structure is obtained,the unit stress of the structure is obtained according to the elastic mechanics theory,the transient temperature field and thermal response of three kinds of elastic rods were studied by numerical examples,the analysis results are given,the transient temperature field and thermal response of the plate structure with the same boundary temperature are analyzed by an example,and the influence of the temperature at the left end of the plate on the temperature and displacement of the joints and the stress of the element by an example.The mean and standard deviation of the temperature and displacement of each node and the mean and standard deviation of element stress are obtained by using Monte Carlo method,the temperature and displacement responses of the joints and the variation of mean and standard deviation of the stress response of the structure with time are obtained by an example,the effects of random parameters on the temperature,displacement and stress randomness of each node under random thermal load are analyzed.
Keywords/Search Tags:thermal stress, transient temperature field, thermal response, Monte-Carlo method, random factors
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