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Study On LD Pumped1.34μm Nd:YVO4Pulse Laser

Posted on:2016-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330470455797Subject:Optical engineering
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1.34μm pulsed solid-state laser has been used widely in the fields of medicine, optical fiber communication, spectroscopy, telecommunications, nonlinear optics and other fields, but1.34μm pulsed solid-state lasers is achieved mostly by using active mode locked technique at home and abroad, and solid-state lasers obtained by the use of this method are complex and bulky, the apply scope of which is limited. And the narrow pulse width, high repetition rate1.34μm Q-switched mode-locked solid-state laser has very important applications in laser ranging and telecommunications, but report about high repetition rate1.34μm solid state laser is little. In this paper, a high repetition frequency and narrow pulse width1.34μm passively Q-switched mode-locked Nd:YVO4laser is achieved by using V:YAG as a saturable absorber, which provides an effective method of achieving practical and compact picosecond1.34μm laser and lays a foundation for achieving1.5μm Raman laser.The main contents of this paper:1. The paper analyzes the stability conditions of the resonator by ABCD matrix law, researches the thermal effect of solid-state laser materials and obtains the formula of crystal thermal focal length in order to analyze the characteristics of the Nd:YV04dynamic operating in the recessed-flat cavity.2. Almost199ps pulse width and up to2.6GHz repetition frequency Q-switched mode-locked laser is achived by using straight cavity at the initial transmission of To=83%for V: YAG. The average output power versus the incident pump power is measured by using the power meter, and the pulse waveforms on the different pump operation are observed and recorded by the the use of an oscilloscop.3. By using V:YAG as a saturable absorber, a higher output efficient1.34μm Q-switched mode locked Nd:YVO4laser with the repetition rate of1.1GHz is realized in the V cavity of the20%transmittance. Output powers and pulse widths of Q-switched envelope on the different pump power are measured.4.144MHz repetition frequency Q-switched mode-locked Nd:YVO4laser is received by using Z cavity. Q-switched envelope pulse widths and the average output powers versus the incident pump power are measured. Different characteristics of1.34μm Q-switched mode-locked Nd:YVO4/V:YAG lasers between long cavity and short cavity are researched.
Keywords/Search Tags:Q-switched and mode locking, Nd:YVO4craytal, V, YAG crystal, 1.34μm, high repetition rate, narrow pulse width
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