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Optimization Design Of Wireless Sensor Networks Mobile Nodes

Posted on:2016-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330464971623Subject:Control Engineering
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Wireless sensor networks integrated sensor technology, embedded technology, communication technology and informational fusion technology, recognized as one of the most challenging issues in 21st Century. It has been widely used in military, industry, agriculture, transportation, space exploration, marine exploration, smart home and environment protection etc. At present, the related research focused on the distribution method, routing, clustering, node localization and coverage of the Wireless sensor networks.In the wireless sensor networks, the data transmission ’jump’ frequently, and a reasonable routing algorithm not only keep the network structure stable, but also reduce the network energy consumption. The paper analyzed traditional wireless sensor networks LEACH routing protocol, improved LEACH algorithm in order to reduce energy consumption of nodes, increase the wireless sensor network lifetime and reliability.Specific work as follows:Firstly, analyzed the traditional LEACH algorithm,base on the node remaining energy and node’s distribution, optimized position of SINK node. According to the remaining energy, changed probability of becoming cluster head, joined the current residual energy of nodes with the maximum energy ratio in the threshold formula, aim to balance the nodes’energy consumption and prolong the network lifetime.Secondly, according to the traditional LEACH clustering algorithm, changed the sequence of clustering, balanced the node energy consumption, increased network lifetime.Finally, the nodes which near SINK node or lots of neighbor nodes were easily die in wireless sensor networks. The paper presented a new SINK node mobile strategy:the SINK nodes move to the nodes with large data flow and less energy when the nodes’ flow changed greatly. SINK node moving distance should guarantee coverage; moving direction reference data flow. SINK node autonomous mobile refer to nodes’residual energy Ei and data flow Ti, prolong the survival time and improve the flexibility of wireless sensor networks.The paper studied on cluster routing algorithm and sensor nodes mobile strategy, reduced energy consumption of nodes, it has important theoretical significance and practical value.
Keywords/Search Tags:WSNs, clustering algorithm, energy consumption, LEACH, SINK node
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