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Research And Application Of User Behavior Analysis In User Management System Of SAAS

Posted on:2016-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Along with the rapid development of Internet technology in recent years, cloud computing has become a hot research area. As the application service of cloud computing, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has become an increasingly sophisticated software application mode. Its sharing feature determines the importance of user trusted access behavior to SaaS services. In the traditional access control model, once the users have been given a role, they will always have the permissions according to the role. Being lack of dynamics and flexibility, larger particle size of control, lower ability of security and other issues are the problems SaaS faced when traditional role-based access control is used.In response to these issues, this thesis analyzes the new requirements of access control in SaaS, as well as the problems and drawbacks of traditional access control. This thesis also analyzes the characteristics of user’s trust behavior, proposes the formula for updating the evidence value, and verify its scientificalness. On this basis, this thesis presents a dynamic access control model(Cloud-RBAC) based on user’s behavior in SaaS. The tenants in the model can achieve a better control of the security domains. In addition, by using user groups and the scope of the data, a better control of the granularity is obtained. This reflects the flexibility of the access control to cloud service. In the process of user’s access to SaaS services, the evidence of their behavior must be collected firstly. Secondly, the standard value of the evidence will be calculated. In the third step, this model will use fuzzy analytic hierarchy process to determine the trust level of the behavior. And then according to the sensitivity level, the permissions that the user can exercise will be determined ultimately. This reflects the dynamic.After Cloud-RBAC model being proposed, on the basis of taking full account of the design principles which contains the versatility, loose coupling, security and scalability, this thesis analyzes the system modules and database structure firstly and then designes the user management system of SaaS. Secondly, the system is achieved by using the SSM framework technology. Finally, the system’s functions are tested simply and the results are analyzed. Through the system’s test results the safety and suitability of Cloud-RBAC model are confirmed.
Keywords/Search Tags:SaaS, User behavior, Access control, Dynamic
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