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1. Dynamic Characteristics Of Micro-Diaphragm Of Resonant Biochemical Sensors Considering The Effect Of Residual Stress
2. Research On Data Placement And Replication Strategy In Cloud Computing
3. A Dynamic Building Method Of Mobile Agent Path Based On Service Recommendation
4. Simulation Resource Sharing And Dynamic Decision In Statistical Selection Problems
5. Design And Analysis Of A Planar Thin Film Reflectarry Antenna
6. Research On Analyses Of Motion Characteristics And Motion Control Of Serial Robot Combining Screw Theory
7. Chronological Citation Recommendation Technology Based On Information-need Shifting
8. Research On Coordinated Tracking Control For Multi-Robot System Based On Binocular Visual
9. Performance Analysis And Optimal Control Of Information Propagation In Delay Tolerant Network
10. Compressive Imaging Theory And System Design In Optical Remote Sensing
11. Research On Generalized Time-space Consistency Framework, Evolution Mechanism And Its Applications In Distributed Simulations
12. User Preference Query Processing Over Data Stream
13. Key Techniques For Software Behavior Dynamic Analysis
14. Research On The Remotely Sensed Data Processing Task Comprehensive Scheduling Problem
15. Research On Key Techniques Of Trust Assurance Towards Cross-Domain Alliance Of Services
16. Research On Approaches To Adaptive High-Dynamic-Range Vision Towards The Automotive Applications
17. Research On Adaptive And Dynamic Web Service Composition Based On AI Planning
18. Research On Deploying And Scheduling For Cloud Resources Based On Virtual Machines
19. Dynamic Analysis And Synchronization Control Of Memristor-based Recurrent Neural Networks With Time Delays
20. Reserach On Key Technologies Of Dynamic Spectrum Access In Cognitive Radio
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