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Research On The Source Push Protocol Based On Content-Centric Networking

Posted on:2016-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330467493248Subject:Communication and Information System
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The TCP/IP network architecture is facing with many problems, such as network control, resource allocation, safety mobility and so on. Related future network researchers put forward information centric network architecture.Content Centric Networking (CCN) is an important architecture of information centric network.CCN has no notion of host at its lowest level-a packet "address" names content, not location.In CCN, Data’satisfies’an Interest if the ContentName in the Interest packet is a prefix of the ContentName in the Data packet. On one hand, PIT as an important mechanism of CCN transmission model that records interest’s forwarding path.The data packet returns back to the requester based on the PIT path. On the other hand, Serveral popular applications cannot be supportd well because of the Pull communication model in CCN, and large number of applications are directly or indirectly dependent on the Push model. Based on this situation, we take certain policies on the PIT to achieve source push protocol.In this paper, we put forward reverse PIT source push protocol. Reverse PIT means inserting interest forwarding port into the PIT instead of incoming port when interest comes.Then content source can push data packets to receiver based on the reverse PIT entry, so that the data packet can be successfully pushed to the receiver.In addition, we also apply this protocol to terminal mobility situation. We design and build simulation environment based on ndnSIM and CCNx. In ndnSIM, Once handoff between two routers and continuous handoff between many routers have been simulated and we evaluate the time of getting content and the number of redundancy interest packets sent by the mobile device. In CCNx, we evaluate the data traffic when handover happens.The results show that reverse PIT protocol can support terminal mobility better. The handoff delay is shorter, the number of redundancy packet and data packet traffic interest is less.Finally, we also apply reverse PIT protocol to some other popular applictions under IP, such as video streaming, HTTP application and so on, and evaluate the performance of these solutions.
Keywords/Search Tags:CCN, PIT, Content Source Push, ndnSIM, TerminalMobility
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