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Research On Policy Identity Of High School Students For National Grant Policy

Posted on:2016-11-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330479992747Subject:Administrative Management
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In order to help the high school students from poor families complete their studies smoothly, the government establish high school national grant policy in 2010,which is the first time be put into national funding system.As the target group of the national grant policy,high school students’ policy identity can affect policy direction undoubtedly.But neither in the actual policy implementation nor in the past theory research, the feeling, cognitive and identity of high school student for national grant policy is overlooked. This article will research high school students’ policy identity status for national grant policy, which has great significance in helping national grant policy carried out smoothly, enriching financialgrant policy research.This researeh adopts the method of enpirieal analysis to discuss the national grants policy identity and the factors affecting high school students’ policy identity, and then give some suggestions to improve it. Specifically, this article compiled the questionnaire of high school national grants policy identity, based on the existing literature, referenced to the basis of domestic and foreign questionnaire, and combined with the current actual situation in China.And then analyses the data with the help of SPSS to build the three dimension model of policy identity, further through descriptive analysis, variance analysis, discusses the policy identity and demographic variables, factors and implementation of policies to meet the needs of the correlation between factors, and the following conclusions:1. The empirical analysis result indieated that the structure of high school policy identity consists of three dimensions: cognitive,emotional and evaluation. The diagnosis has good reliability and validity.2. The empirical analysis result indieated that the score of national grants policy identity is not high, the lowest is in emotional level.3. The national grants policy identity has signifieant differenees in some demographic variables, such as nation,grade, family type, education cost burden, aid or not,level of grant.4. Through the regression analysis, policy implementation and need of gratification have a positive correlation on policy identity. Both of them have high prediction power to national grant policy identity.
Keywords/Search Tags:national grant policy, policy identity, policy implementation, need gratification
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