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A Study On National Sea Grant College Program

Posted on:2016-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330473957595Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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In the history of the world higher education development to policies to promote education development success stories abound. The Morrill Land-Grant Act of 1862, driven by the implementation of the Land Grant College Program, adapt to the rapid development of the industry and agriculture and population surge in demand for higher education, open the colleges and universities directly serve the social function of play, for the United States and the world made pioneering contribution to the development of higher education. Another successful cases are in the Land Grant College Program to implement one hundred years later, can be matched its National Sea Grant College Program formulation and implementation. The plan based on the support of American Research University, is one of the academia, the partnership between the government and the enterprises. It aims to realize the sustainable development of Marine resources, improve the living standards of American coastal areas, and promote the development of national economy. Half a century of development, make its implementation of "government-university-the private sector" coordination between development, formed the "achievements of scientific research and education-to promote the integration of national marine science and education network, greatly promote the marine science education in the United States and the development of social economy, many of the world’s oceans has produced important influences on the development of science and education.This thesis mainly includes the following four parts:For chapter I, it analyzes the factors on social and historical background of the birth of National Sea Grant College Program. An education policy from the form to the implementation has its profound social and historical background. As a national education plan, creation of Sea Grant College Program is not accidental, it is in order to realize its national interests and in the political, economic, education and other aspects of the all kinds of factors, is the social and historical development of education in the process of the product of policy planning, catering to the demands when the social and economic development.For chapter Ⅱ, it expounds policy content of Sea Grant College Program on mission, development course, strategic planning, and function model. Sea Grant College Program aims to integrate the coast and the great lakes region of the resources of the institutions of higher learning and research institutions, and provide financial assistance to the marine scientific research project. The program is dedicated to marine resources development in the coastal area is the most important academic problem, research, education and extension service scope is focused on the three aspects, at the same time also to cooperation between the industry, academia, and government funded.The chapter Ⅲ is written from the view of organization building; in the process of Sea Grant College Program promote the building of a gift the management structure and operation mode of network organization carried on the thorough analysis. Sea Grant College Program is a huge and complicated project, it is one of the federal government projects, is also a part of the state. Therefore, its actual operation was conducted at the federal level and state level and at the same time, and with the domestic institutions of higher learning is closely related. In addition, with the network is a blend of administration, production, study and research, with the carrier of the multi-agent collaborative innovation, through the collaborative mechanism to form the government, production, study and research, work situation, with mutual cooperation and cooperative innovation fund for collaborative innovation project operation, policy, technology, personnel, organization, equipment and so on various aspects of strong support.The final part of this paper focus on Sea Grant College Program to implement for half a century, its achievements and broad impact are summarized, and it analyzes the successful experience of the plan, in combination with the status quo and existing problems of marine science and education development in China, based on the proposed helps to perfect our country some suggestions on the development of marine science and education and enlightenment.
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