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Design And Implementation Of Storage System For Message Oriented Middleware For Securities Trading Data

Posted on:2013-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M X PanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330395489239Subject:Computer application technology
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In the financial sector there are a number of complex, distributed, heterogeneous applications. There are a lot of business data exchange requirements between these applications. A trading center of the domestic financial sector uses a message oriented middleware MessageHub as the reliable messaging tools, to make the Securities and Exchange data delivered asynchronously, reliably, and securely to applications of the various trading organizations. Persistent storage system is an important module of MessageHub, implementation of which impacts much on the functionality and performance of MessageHub.The persistence system now used in MessageHub has some shortcomings such as scalability and robustness, unable to meet the needs of the application scenario. To solve these problems, the paper analysed and studied the technology of MOM and its message persistence, learned from distributed storage technologies, and then combining with data storage needs and characteristics of MessageHub, it designed a persistence storage system with high reliability, easy expansion, high availability and high-performance for MOM of the Securities and Exchange data transmission, and through careful design to make it meet the need for message consistency of the scene.The paper details the structure of the storage system and the specific design of each module. The overall design of the storage system is composed of two parts, the client component and server component, drawing on Memcached, a distributed caching system,. In order to improve the reliability of the storage, the system has dual backup of the data, and achieves a balanced distribution of data in the storage nodes using the consistent hashing algorithm and the virtual node technology. The system uses active replication method for store which contains sent messages, and uses passive replication method for queue which contains unsent message, to meet their different needs for consistency. The system supports the dynamic change of the storage nodes by the monitor mechanism. Due to massive messages transmission in MessageHub, the system uses a file-based storage for data persistence, and designs separate storage methods and process of persistence for store and queue. Based on the above researches and innovations in design, the paper realized the prototype system of the storage system, which verified the feasibility of the system, and then did some tests in a simulated environment. The test shows that the system is reliable and efficient, with good performance and scalability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Message Oriented Middleware, Message Persistence, Distributed Storage, Memcached, File Storage
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