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Research Of Wireless Mesh Network Routing Strategies Based On Network Coding

Posted on:2014-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330398479907Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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Wireless Mesh networks (WMN) is a new type of distributed network, a Multipoint-to-multipoint relatively static Mesh topology, which is not the traditional set of node and infrastructure, but a network access through the neighbor nodes in multi-hop relaying system. Therefore, the wireless Mesh network has a lot of advantages, such as being distributed with flexibility, multi-hop, self-organizing, self-healing, high fault tolerance, low cost, and easy to build, install and maintain, which leads to its wide use in various fields and daily life.Along with people’s increasing demand of the wireless network’s quantity and quality, the development of wireless Mesh networks is confronted with a few problems, such as throughput, robustness, resource management, security, and so on, which can not be solved by the traditional routing. This is where the network coding comes in:the new approach can remove the traditional routing constraints on its development.Network coding differs from the traditional sense of data-stored and-transferred model. The intermediate nodes in the network will receive numerous data packets, process their code information, and then send them out. Network coding increases the single transmission volume of information, so as to extremely enhance the system throughput.This paper firstly introduces wireless Mesh network in terms of its characteristics, architecture, and some problems involved in its development, and puts forward a new technique of the network coding as the countermeasure and an improvement method as well. Then it gives a detailed description of the network coding concept. Also it compares the network coding with traditional routing, and the source coding with channel coding, to reveal the essence of network coding. The paper focuses on analyzing the main technical principles of wireless network coding, offering the random linear network coding technology, and some wireless Mesh routing protocols based on network coding technology.As to how to apply network coding in wireless Mesh network rationally and effectively, IM-NCR is put forward, an independent multi-path routing protocol based on network coding. In comparison with the other multi-path protocols of the wireless Mesh network, the IM-NCR operation process is shown, as well as the parameters setting, the format of the encoded data packet, and the buffer management and identification mechanism. Finally, the experimental verification; was carried out by means of NS2simulation platform. The results are:in the environment of independent multi-path routing protocol based on network coding, network throughput is improved to some extent; and the system end-to-end delay is reduced to a certain extent.As to how to improve the performance of wireless Mesh network based on network coding, a routing strategy with dynamic balance node quitting mechanism is proposed, considering the node scheduling system in the process of routing protocol. In opportunistic routing environment, some nodes in the forwarding group without waiting for ACK message may quit MORE timely. Experimental results show that, the routing scheduling strategy with dynamic balance node quitting mechanism improves the rate of the node utilization, and reduces, to some extent, the waste of network resources.At the end of the paper is the summary, and the outlook for the future research. To work out the problems is the focus of subsequent research work, such as how to design a better opportunistic routing protocol, the routing metric, node’s selection and maintenance in the environment of wireless Mesh network based on network coding.
Keywords/Search Tags:wireless Mesh network, network coding, multi-path routing, opportunistic routing, dynamic balance node scheduling
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