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Research Of Routing Strategy In WMN Based On Opportunistic Routing And Network Coding

Posted on:2013-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371966598Subject:Circuits and Systems
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Wireless Mesh Network WMN(Wireless Mesh Network) is first introduced to solve the "last mile" wireless communications access issues.In recent years, WMN is developing so rapidly that has been widely used in military, community, family and other wireless environment in order to provide a higher bandwidth and speed, more stable wireless network. Research of routing protocol has always been the focus in WMN. Many scholars and experts home and abroad have proposed some protocols designed to satisfy the special requirements in WMN. Opportunistic routing, one of them, gives a new way to solve the problem in WMN by breaking the traditional "Next Node" mode. Opportunistic routing increases the spatial frequency spectrum utilization and system throughput. Network coding is method to explore the transmission ability of intermediate nodes for better performance in networks. Considering of this, Network coding is very suitable to be used in Opportunistic routing, especially in choosing of forwarder list.In this paper, we give a detailed discussion and analysis in WMN’s routing metrics which combine network coding and opportunistic routing together. BCOR (Balanced Coding-Aware Opportunistic Routing) is an Algorithm to seeking a balance between network stability and network coding gain. In BCOR, we proposed a new method in choosing the forwarder list in which increase the coding chance under ensuring throughout of data transmission. Using NS-2, Simulation shows that BCOR has about 12% increasing in throughout comparing with other similar protocols in opportunistic routing. DNA is a dynamic node adjustment algorithm to solve the problems in node exit mechanism. In traditional protocols, candidates always wait for the ACK signals from destination node passively which wastes some transmission abilities duo to useless waiting. By definition of similar nodes, DNA highly explore the uncertain path characters of opportunistic routing, minimal the impact on data transmission by nodes exiting, seeking to optimize the whole network performance. Network Simulation indicates that protocols with DNA will have almost 10% benefits in network throughout.
Keywords/Search Tags:WMN network coding, opportunistic routing, routing metrics, dynamic node adjustment, balanced routing strate
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