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Research On Key Techniques Of Exam System For Forest Industry Junior High School Entrance

Posted on:2013-09-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330377458812Subject:Computer technology
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The topic of this text researched root in project of "Heilongjiang Forest Industry systemjunior to high school entrance examination registration and performance management ".itmainly research on design and development for junior middle school students in the processof rising test registration system some related key technology. The related key technology isincluding: system structure and system functional module design; the verification method forexaminee uploaded photos when examinee applied for test whether repeat; examination roomseat layout algorithm design after examinee applied for test. The above key to the solution ofthe problem whether this system can achieve has the vital significance.In the design process of system structure, we researched on current B/S structure softdesign trend, we decided to take JAVA language design, use MVC software design mode, withopen source system framework Struts2to realize,for data persistence we use another opensource system framework Hibemate to realize.Determine of the system function module is start from analyzing system demand, withUML to modeling research on system, set-up illustration, sequence diagram which used insystem,sum up systematic functional module.performance requirement and is easy to realize the Angle, puts forward thecomprehensive color and texture features to do image retrieval method. Practice proved data,and based on the single feature retrieval method compared to the overall color and texturefeatures to do image retrieval method has high accuracy. This paper puts forward that theimage retrieval algorithm has certain practical value.The examination room seat number is a key component for junior high school entranceexam sign up and performance management, it’s the most important thing before test.Scientific examination room layout can improve the efficiency of organization andmanagement organization, reduce artificial factors, and, to some extent, realize theexamination of the fair, just, efficient management of the exam has played a significant role inpromoting. Due to the existing examination seating arrangements algorithm to realize thegoals of a single, can’t provide more examination sites and more requirements of the layout,so this paper researched based on many factors and many conditions of the examination roomseating arrangements algorithm.
Keywords/Search Tags:JAVA, CBIR, gray-level co-occurrence matrix, color histogram, arrangement ofexamination seat
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