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The Quantitative Evaluation Of The Facial Skin Roughness And Its Application In The Medical Field

Posted on:2010-02-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360275483734Subject:Biomedical engineering
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Skin surface is a mirror of human health condition .With the improvement of the living standard, people more and more concern Cosmetology and nursing care of man face skin. Skin coarseness is changed by age or environment factors. Analysis methods which can quantificationally describe skin texture and have no ravage are very significant on the research about skin physiology or pathology and the efficacy evaluation of specific cosmetic. The traditional measurement based on observing of eye does not conform to the objectivity and repetition of the results. In the international, skin swatches made by silica gel are used widely, but its facture is very difficult, time taking. Its price is so high that only adoptive in the professional study of hospital or beauty parlour.Based on the rapidly development of modern numeral and computer vision technology, this dissertation seeks after some simple methods to measure skin texture. These methods take pictures of man faces just using an ordinary CCD camera which resolution is above 7 million pixels. Then extract the characteristic value, analyse physical sense of texture feature and provide theoretic foundation for objective, quantitative evaluation of skin coarseness during the research of skin cosmetology and medical nursing care.In this paper, firstly the significance of evaluating impersonally and quantificationally of face skin texture in the field of cosmetology and nursing care through the human body skin physiology mechanism is analyzed, and the texture analysis techniques included their research developing actuality is introduced. Secondly, several texture statistical properties analysis techniques, included co-occurrence matrix-spatial gray level co-occurrence matrix, gray level smoothness co-occurrence matrix, and gray level grads co-occurrence matrix, Tamura texture coarseness,fractal dimension are thoroughly studied and actual texture meaning of every feature in this some kinds of statistics means is qualitatively analyzed. Furthermore, actual physical sense of texture feature of above statistics methods is proved through a group of testing images.
Keywords/Search Tags:skin coarseness, texture analysis, gray level co-occurrence matrix, gray level smoothness co-occurrence matrix, gray level grads co-occurrence matrix, Tamura texture coarseness, fractal dimension, box-counting dimension
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