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Isolation And Characterization Of Enhancers And Suppressors Of Spe1and Da1in Arabidopsis Thaliana

Posted on:2011-04-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y TianFull Text:PDF
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The size of seed and organ is one of important agronomic traits in plants, which is under tight genetic control. In Arabidopsis thaliana (model plant), DA1is an important gene, which encodes an ubiquitin receptor and belongs to DA1family, dal mutation causes an increase in seed and organ size. The seed and organ size phenotypes of dal are synergistically enhanced by muations in EOD1(enhancer of dal). Another organ size regulator is SPE1, and it functions to promote seed and organ growth (unpublished, Shengjun Li and Yunhai Li). The DA1and SPE genes are crucial for plant development and final seed and organ size control, however their genetic and molecular mechanisms are not well characterized, such as their biochemical mechanisms and upstream/downstream components.In this dissert, we have screened for enhancers and suppressor of dal and spel in controlling seed and organ size by using (EMS mutagenesis and T-DNA activation tagging methods) A set of mutants have been isolated, and these mutants can be classified into two groups, The first group mainly inclues mutants with altered organ size, while another group contains mutants with altered organ shape.Map-based cloning and TAIL-PCR methods have been used to map mutated genes. In the future, we will clone these genes and identify genetic interactions and biochemical mechanisms, which will help elucidate the molecular mechanisms of seed and organ size control in plants. Together, these studies isolate and characterize enhancers and suppressors of spel and dal and provide a basis for indentifing novel organ size regulators and novel components in DA1and SPE1pathways.
Keywords/Search Tags:Seed and organ size, EMS, T-DNA activation tagging, map-based cloning, TAIL-PCR, Isolation of mutant, da1, spe1
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