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Theoretical And Experimnetal Research On Laser Diode Pumped Nd: YVO4/BIBO All Solid State Blue Lasers

Posted on:2012-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S X WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330371450882Subject:Electronics and Communications Engineering
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Diode Pumped all Solid State Laser (DPSSL) have more advantages than traditional gas lasers, such as highefficiency, compactness, high stability, and long lifetime. They are widely used in many fields, such as medicinal diagnose, precise machining, spectroseopic analysis, optieal printing, high density data storage, isotope sparation, scientific research and laser entertainment in general. It is a hotspot of all-solid-state laser research in recent year.LD pumped Nd3+ lasers with intracavity frequency-doubling have proved to bea most efficient and commercial-potential way to achieve the blue laser emissionand have attracted more and more attention in recently years.So far,however,thedevelopment is still not perfect in watt-level all-solid state blue laser.This thesis is organized as follows:1. The development process of all-solid-state lasers was presented firstly. As well as its main application field. The researching background of LD pumped all-solid-state blue lasers were introduced along with methods to achieve blue laser, and research evolution of blue laser were summarized over dumestically and abroad.2. The optimal length of crystal was achieved for the characteristecs of quasi-three-level. Three types of crystal were compared; we select BIBO as the Main frequency doubler. Meanwhile, the other strong spectrum was restrained by suitable coating.3. Describes the harmonic theory, doubling that to improve the efficiency of the method. And comparison of several frequency-doubling crystals, we select a more suitable frequency-doubling crystal BIBO. Finally, the introduction of BIBO physical and optical properties of type I phase-matched SHG4. By a simple method of direct measurement of the frequency power measured under different thermal lens focal length. Design a simple straight double concave cavity, the use of end-pumped neodymium-doped concentration of 0.2% of the laser crystal Nd: YVO4, BIBO cavity frequency doubling in the 808nm pump power13.5W, the use of water temperature, and ultimately get 650mW the 457nm blue laser output.
Keywords/Search Tags:Laser diode, 914nm, BIBO, Nd:YVO4, Blue Laser, 456nm
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