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Research On The Security Protocol Of Air Interface For RFID System

Posted on:2012-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330362959372Subject:Communication and Information System
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A typical RFID system generally consists of electronic tags, reader and back-end server. It uses radio frequency that enables wireless data transmission and can identify objects attached with tags at distance without any contacts. In recent years RFID systems are growing rapidly towards lower cost and higher performance with the continuous development of wireless communication technology and the increasingly widespread of Internet of Things. At the same time RFID security privacy issues also faces enormous challenges. RFID security technology has restricted the development and application of RFID.The security policy of RFID systems is divided into physical security policy and security policy based on cryptographic protocols. The design of security policy based on cryptographic protocols is becoming one of the most active researches because of the high cost of physical policy. This paper focuses on data communication security of RFID air interface between tags and reader and we obtain the following achievements:First, we propose a lightweight mutual authentication protocol for RFID systems (LMAP). It uses the reader instead of the back-end server features, and it uses the lightweight Hash function and random numbers to ensure communication security. Reader and tags need mutual recognition of each other's legal status in each certification process. This security protocol can be implemented on low-cost electronic tags after the analysis of safety and performance.Second, we propose an offline authentication security protocol for two tags (OASP). It uses the reader as a communication medium to transfer two tags'authentication message. The protocol prevents security and privacy threats in RFID system including reply attacks, impersonation attacks, illegal wiretapping and tag location tracking. It also has forward-security, backward-security and anonymity of tags.Third, we design an offline authentication security protocol for grouping tags based on OASP. We analyze the characteristics of the protocol. It can achieve the multiple authentications of electronic tags and it has the same security as OASP. In a certain sense it has good value in use and research after analyzing the characteristics of this protocol.
Keywords/Search Tags:RFID, Security Protocol, Hash Function, Offline Authentication, Grouping tags
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