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Design And Implementation Of SHA-3Based RFID Authentication Protocol

Posted on:2014-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J N ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330401952998Subject:Electronics and Communications Engineering
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Radio Frequency Identification Technology is a kind of non-contact automaticidentification technology, for item identification. Due to the characters of small size,convenient application, contamination resistance and durability, data security, etc,RFID technology is widely used in various fields. However, the open wirelesstransmission link in RFID communication is very vulnerable to various attacks such aseavesdropping, tracking, forgery, data interpretation, replay, cloning and physicalattacks´╝îits security and privacy issues are very serious. The use of cryptographicalgorithms is the main method to achieve RFID authentication and privacy protection.But most algorithms, which require complex computation resources, are difficult to beapplied to the low-cost tag due to the area and power consumption constraints. Withthe characteristics of quick and simple of the Hash function implementation, the RFIDauthentication protocol based on the Hash function is the preferred solution forlow-cost tags.We researched the Hash-based low-cost RFID authentication protocol for thecharacteristics of the limited area, power consumption and computing ability of thelow-cost RFID tag, proposed an improved solution. In this protocol, the tag only doseveral Hash and xor operations, the proposed protocol is suitable for the application oflow-cost tags. This protocol can resist a variety of external attacks. Then we use theSHA-3final selected algorithm Keccak as the Hash algorithm to do the design of thehardware implementation of RFID authentication protocol for verifying theeffectiveness of the design. Quartus and Modelsim are used to simulate the proposedprotocol. At the same time, we get the area report and power consumption report withDesign Compiler, the results shows that the SHA-3based RFID authenticationtechnology only needs2002equivalent gates. It is feasible to implement Hashalgorithms in low-cost tag.
Keywords/Search Tags:Information Security, RFID Authentication, Hash Function, Keccak, SHA-3
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