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Research Of Network Click Fraud And Prevention Strategy

Posted on:2012-09-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330335985994Subject:Computer application technology
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The search engine companies and pay-per-click model have been questioned because of click fraud intensified in online advertising. Click fraud has become a major chronic illness of Internet advertising industry.This paper through the search of currently prevent click fraud strategies, aiming at how to efficiently prevent click fraud problem, based on verification code, click frequency, the user browsing time and DES encryption combinative algorithm is proposed. Verification code introduced in the algorithm can effectively shield software that similar to the clicker, greatly reduces the manual click frequency and patience, click frequency and verification code combined to let the real potential client not lose the opportunity to visit customer sites;the user browsing time introduced in the algorithm can effectively shield user unconscious click; DES encryption algorithm introduced in the algorithm to prevent Trojan software counterfeit data to the service providers, malicious raises to advertise customer's hits; the algorithm makes to service providers and customers all to know PPC record at anytime.This paper through analysis of current prevent click fraud strategies, finds all the strategies have one common in the implementation process: the customers get the threat of click fraud at first, and then take rights act, to adopt different strategies, to investigate the reasons, compensation caused by click fraud.This paper propose the prevent click fraud algorithm, start from the effective clicks, even with malicious clicks, make this as invalid clicks, will not make any record of in the service provider database, customers will not get the threat of click fraud. Through experimental results show that the algorithm is feasible and effective.
Keywords/Search Tags:Click fraud, verification code, Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Advertisement, DES encryption algorithm
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