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Based On Multi-modal Biometric Identity Recognition

Posted on:2006-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L LongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360152997531Subject:Computer application technology
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Today, as the information technology is developing at a high speed, Internet and information-based technologies get a large amount of popularization and application. Following this phenomenon is the human identity's digitization and recessivation. In many fields, to recognize a person's identity accurately is a key problem that must be considered. Traditional identity recognition technologies turn this problem into detecting the things that can identify a person's identity. But traditional identity recognition technologies have their inherent shortcomings: Personal articles will be lost probably, the password will be forgotten or stolen by others probably, and traditional identity recognition technologies can't distinguish real users and forgers who obtain user's identification. Because of the shortcomings of the traditional identity recognition technologies, research on new technologies of identity recognition is a hot point all the while, and technology of identity recognition based on biometrics gets extensive research and application too. Compared with traditional identity recognition, human characters have universality, stability and uniqueness, therefore, technologies of identity recognition based on biometrics have many advantages such as indelibility, good capability of anti-counterfeit, difficult to be forge or steal, hand-carry and usable any time and any place. These advantages make technologies of identity recognition based on biometrics become the most important means of identity recognition now, and have got application in some fields. In recent years, technologies of identity recognition based on multi-biometrics that combine kinds of human characters have been got a certain extent research. This dissertation researches on and explores to the technology of identity recognition based on multi-biometrics. Firstly, this dissertation proceeds with human face character and fingerprint character; researches on method of human face detection; proposes a method that is dynamic create ellipse templates to match and detect human face; designs a human face detection system and puts this system into...
Keywords/Search Tags:multi-biometrics, human face recognition, fingerprint recognition, information fusion
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