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Observer-based Passive Congtrol Of Descriptor Systems With Time Delay

Posted on:2011-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Y FanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2198330338990875Subject:Operational Research and Cybernetics
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The descriptor system is a kind of dynamics of more general extensive than normal system, existing in many fields of social production, such as, power system, economic system, robot system, space system and so on. Therefore the research of descriptor system is of far-reaching significance This thesis discusses the problem about the passive control of the descriptor systems. The system's models are more generalized than others existing literatures. Main content as follows:First of all, the main background and the recent development are described for the descriptor systems. The passive control and the research method for the descriptor systems are also introduced.Secondly, the problem of observer-based robust passive control of descriptor systems with time-varying delay is discussed. Utilizing the methods of Lyapunov function, the sufficient condition for the generalized quadratic stability and the robust strictly passive of the closed-loop system are given, moreover, the observer gain and the controller gain are constructed.Thirdly, as for a class of norm-bounded uncertain T-S fuzzy descriptor systems with time-delay, the problem of observer-based passive control was studied and the sufficient condition for strictly passive of the closed-loop system are given.At last, focuses on the time-delay descriptor systems, utilizing the methods of Lyapunov function and the linear matrix inequality (LMI), the problem of observer-based time delayed-dependent passive control is discussed. A numerical example is given to show the validity of the proposed approach.
Keywords/Search Tags:Descriptor systems, T-S fuzzy descriptor systems, Time-delayed systems, Passive control, Observer, Linear matrix inequality(LMI), Generalized quadratic stability, Robust control, Delay-dependent, Uncertainty
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